Bell Bajao – Breakthrough in Swindling Charity Money

Ca Ching! The cash register is ringing non-stop and the money is pouring in from all corners!

Oh my God! One in three women in India is a victim of Domestic Violence, that too “behind closed doors”! What a shame? What a shame?

The Goebbels of Third Reich is hanging his head in shame from his comfortable ensconce in hell looking at the scale and intensity of the “Bell Bajao” campaign!

Not to be left behind, the corporate heavy weights like Google, Intel, Bloomberg and other sundry do-gooders eagerly attach their names to the campaign!

Here are the Domestic Violence Industry profiteers in full force and action, what with merchandise for sale, Domestic Violence credit cards, charity monies from the sundry foundations – the profits appear to be unbelievable and unstoppable!

So what is really happening with this shameful campaign? Our beloved Sentinel (the author of Survival Guide to IPC 498a and blogger at has applied his keen analytical skills and sharp pen to deconstruct this campaign in his posting here –

To The Feminazis Of The Bell Bajao Campaign

Here are some excerpts –

One out of every three women faces violence behind closed doors

Really ??!!!

Let’s take a look at this number again.

India has a population of 1,000,000,000 (1+ Billion.  What a shame !)

Let’s say approximately half of them are women of all ages so that makes it 500,000,000.

According to this Feminazi statistic,  1/3 of these women of all ages face domestic violence behind closed doors.

This means

500,000,000 / 3 = 166,666,667

which is effectively a little more than half the population of the US.

Considering that this law (PWDVA) defines domestic violence as being inflicted only by men upon women, then we have an equal number of men, 166,666,667,  subjecting women to domestic violence behind closed doors.

This effectively means, 320,000,000 Indians are living in violence and misery.

What does this number really mean?

This number means that the entire Indian Middle Class is living in misery and subjecting itself to domestic violence.

Why would I say middle class?

Because nobody cares about the  poor and the abjectly  poor brethen of our country, whose number goes into 600,000,000+. They face a greater violence, poverty.

How does one apply the DV in its present form, with compensations, right to residence and all its idiocies to the poor and the very poor?  Heck  ! If you don’t live in a house which Bell will you Bajao?

In reality the poor don’t have the taste for the finer aspects of life like the PWDVA.

You can forget about the political class and the very rich. Things like the DV Act don’t apply to them, because if it did, the beneficiaries of this nonsense would be booted onto the streets, instead of hob nobbing with the elites and the political class in fancy hotels and conference venues. Try getting past the security guards and the throngs of hangers on to Bajao the Bell of the homes of the political class and the very rich.  To illustriate my point, try to Bajao the Bell of Union Minister “498A accused” Arjun Singh !!

By this reasoning,  a huge chunk of the Indian population can be eliminated from the purview of the DV Act.

This leaves the upper middle, the middle, and the lower middle classes, which are estimated to be around 400,000,000. The PWDVA is targeted precisely towards this strata of Indian society and so does this shoddy campaign. The middles classes have not organized themselves into a solid voting block. They remain divided and are a tempting target for the Feminazis to extract their pound of flesh from.

For a population size that is still greater than that of the US, that is a lot of Bells To Bajao, cases to stuff down into clogged courts, protection orders to issue and prime properties to be taken over under the excuse of right to residence!!

One last question – If all this domestic violence was going on behind closed doors, how on earth did these people compile these statistics ?


Now floks, you get the picture. These profiteers of Domestic Violence Industry have no principles, no scruples and no morals. They feed on ignorance of the charities, they feed on the misery and devastation they cause in the society and they profit from utter and pure lies. They can do all this because they have mastered the art of propaganda. Sad truth is, there is nobody in positions of power, respect or authority left to challenge these dishonest and disgusting people!


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4 Responses to “Bell Bajao – Breakthrough in Swindling Charity Money”

  1. Sam Says:

    Good expose!
    All these idiots subscribe to the definition of Domestic Violence as was included in the PWDVA (2005). As per this definition, any woman in our country who might have had any association with a MAN, “should have been” or “likely to be” subjected to “Domestic Violence”.

    What these dishonest, evil, hypocrite profiteers of domestic violence industry conveniently obfuscate is – by that same definition, any man who had any association with a woman would have been subjected to the same “Domestic Violence”, but for these rascals, Domestic Violence is only what is inflicted on a woman by a man and nothing else.

    Bloody shameless profiteers of pussy politics!

  2. Sunil Says:

    I read this comment somewhere on the internet about male feminists –

    ” All these dildo wielding feminist scum hate women who are living in happy families taking their of their families and husbands. They want to pin the victimhood on every woman so every woman feels miserable about her existence. And then, they shamelessly scream ‘female foeticide’, while they themselves are responsible for creating this overwhelming propaganda. For these b&*^$es, women’s victimhood is the holy grail bestowing unending bounty. If you dare question it, they will pounce on you like a cheetha guarding its rotten carcasses. That is their scheme. The world is slowly becoming aware of their evil designs.

    But, when it comes to their sex starved male supporters, it is whole different story. Holding their limp penises in their hands, dragging their sagging testicles behind, these shameless men hop from “vagina monologues” to “vagina monologues” hoping to dip their sticks in some “loose and forward” holes. These men hate other men. They back stab them at the first opportunity and hide behind short skirts hoping no one would notice them. These cowardly men driven by their primal instincts of eliminating their male competition cannot come out in the open about their motives. Shame on all these “MALE FEMINISTS”.

  3. AK56 Says:

    The bloody English and electronic media is composed as is politics with these idiotic, impotent, penisless fools who will lick the shitpot of some Whore, weiliding a Feminish Dildo bcos they know that their so called “wives” are actually bedding 100 Corporate Greenbacks on Viagra, while even Viagra or even most heavy crane cannot lift their sagged poles. AS FOR POLITICIANS, THESE FILTHY DOGS OF GUTTER LICK THE SHITPOTS OF A FOREIGN ITALIAN WHITE FOR FEW CRUMBS. EVEN SWINES ARE ASHAMED OF THEM.

  4. Sensibi Says:

    being a person who is subjected to dv ,i can just say u r lucky ur not there and dont feel the pain.

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