Gruesome Drivel, PN Benjamin and Deccan Herald

Recently, I was forwarded an article titled “Gruesome and escalating violence on women” by one Mr. P N Benjamin in Deccan Herald news paper.

Looking at the title, I could immediately discern it as feminist propaganda garbage. The opening statement read something like – “The recent chilling front page report of the police shielding the accused in a dowry case…”

I was “stuck” by this statement. I do not know which incident this P.N. Benjamin was referring to. But if any objective person looks at the reality on the ground, day in and day out, thousands upon thousands of innocent and defenseless citizens across the length and breadth of our country are being mercilessly arrested, incarcerated, presumed guilty and tormented for endless years based on mostly false complaints registered by disgruntled women.

Not surprised. This is the standard feminist fare – take some isolated case and peddle it as the mainstream, so as to intimidate the police, judiciary and politicians to tow the party line.

Then Benjamin goes on to write –

“One cannot help but be struck by the off-hand way in which generally a young woman’s life and death is summed up, matter-of-factly, without any undue cause for alarm or probing of the causes. It is as much as one would report a traffic accident or the death of a cancer patient — tragic certainly, but such things are to be expected.”

In India, at the present moment, a young married woman’s death is anything but un-sensational. Not a day goes by without one coming across a report of some married woman’s death somewhere “sensationally” repackaged as “dowry death”. It does not matter what the true cause of the death is. In the first instant, the entire family of the husband is rounded up and incarcerated. Then, to the eternal shame of our country’s civic credential, these defenseless citizens are presumed guilty as charged and made to fight the deep-pocketed and corrupt prosecution in the courts run by equally corrupt judiciary.  By the time the case is resolved, reams of journalistic garbage would have been written; thousands of rupees of the public monies would have been spent; scores of lives would have been ruined; and quite possibly some innocent persons may even have been jailed, particularly if they were indigent and could not afford the best defense money could buy.

When such a ruckus is created in the society upon the death of a young married woman, how could this charlatan of Benjamin make a claim that young woman’s life and death are paid no attention by the society? Obviously, this is a falsehood. What, then, is the reality that this self-proclaimed champion of women’s rights is trying to obscure?

Let me illustrate by replacing one word in his statement (“man” for “woman”) which then would read as follows – “One cannot help but be struck by the off-hand way in which generally a young man’s life and death is summed up, matter-of-factly, without any undue cause for alarm or probing of the causes. It is as much as one would report a traffic accident or the death of a cancer patient — tragic certainly, but such things are to be expected.”

How true! Now, the sentence makes sense; and that is the reality this charlatan is trying to obscure. Every year, 56000 married males end their lives unable to withstand the pressures of domestic violence, social hostility, lack of support and unreasonable expectations placed on their shoulders by the society. The tragic deaths of Pushkar Singhs, Syed Mukdooms are neither sexy enough for the mainstream media,  nor sensational enough for the state prosecutors nor sad enough to move the heartless judiciary. These human beings who were sacrificed at the altar of feminist fraud are the true faceless statistic.

As I read further through this piece of garbage, I could not help but notice this whole rant revolved around the D word (Dowry).  How is it that years after noted and pioneering woman’s rights activist Ms Madhu Purnima Kishwar adequately exposed the politics around dowry (link here), the sundry practitioners of pussy politics like the author of this drivel getting away with converting every woman’s issue into that of Dowry harassment? That too, in the mainstream media!

Could it be that the feminist machinery is feeling the heat as more and more mainstream media and civil society are coming forward to expose the “dowry harassment” blackmail racket? Quite possibly!

Coming back to PN Benjamin, is this pseudo-intellectual dunce really interested in the women’s welfare? If indeed he was, why was there no mention of the plethora of real and more serious problems faced by women in our country? Issues like –

–          deaths in childbirth

–          access to education

–          access to healthcare

–          extreme poverty

–          human trafficking

–          forced prostitution

–          forced marriages

–          extravagant marriages

–          child marriages

No! None of the above serious issues are of major concern for our Private Benjamin. And indeed, none of the above issues are of major concern for most of the loud mouthed feminists of our country. In fact, the bulk of the cases of use (or abuse) of the legislation (dowry related and DV legislation) has been by the middle class women of our country. As a segment, the middle class women of our country would hardly ever face any of the problems mentioned above. They, as a group, are in the best circumstance with regards to education, access to healthcare, and financial security. Disgruntled and brainwashed women from this segment constitute the best foot soldiers for the pursuit of feminist agenda. It is no wonder then that all legislation is targeted to this segment, so that more and more of them misuse the provisions of the legislation and wreak havoc on the society. And do that while playing victim, because they have the wherewithal to execute this scheme properly.

Where do the “Benjamins” of the media fit in the grand feminist scheme? They are nothing but bots strategically placed in mainstream media by the feminist political machinery to poison the public opinion. These dummies have the language skills, but lack the intelligence and honesty required to analyze the intricacies of socio-economic-political issues of our complex society.  However, that doesn’t seem to matter much. They still are making handsome careers peddling garbage, as our Private Benjamin has done in this article.


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11 Responses to “Gruesome Drivel, PN Benjamin and Deccan Herald”

  1. Gruesome Drivel, PN Benjamin and Deccan Herald « Feminazis of india Says:

    […] (Original article in the link here). […]

  2. P.N.BENJAMIN Says:

    I have written on all these issues referred to by the educated-illiterate blogger. Please scan the pages of Deccan Herald, The Hindu, Indian Express, Times etc. Calling names and using harsh words do not solve our problems. –

    – deaths in childbirth

    – access to education

    – access to healthcare

    – extreme poverty

    – human trafficking

    – forced prostitution

    – forced marriages

    – extravagant marriages

    – child marriages

    • Rohan Says:

      Mr.Benjamin, you haven’t given a reply to the points raised by some people about the other side of the issue. You are simply harping on the same feminist issues which is totally one-sided, biased and highly inflammable, portraying men as oppressors and women as oppressed! Just because you have a rapport with the Editors of some leading newspapers, and just because they give you space, does not mean that you are right. It just means that you are having your way! Male-bashing seems to be your favourite game. I wonder how you would behave if you get affected by feminist laws. Would be curious to see that day when men in power or men who are associated with people in power walk into the same trap that they had laid for other men. You have mentioned some 9 points on which you write article. I can show you an equal number, if not more, on which men are paying a heavy price! Nothing is one-sided! Calling somebody an educated illiterate shows your intolerance. Period.

  3. The Sentinel Says:

    PN Benjamin,
    This is precisely what we are fighting for. The UN estimates that over 5,00,000 women and children are trafficked each year in India. What are the likes of you, Renuka Chaudhry, Giraja Vyas and Indira Jaising doing about this scourge?
    Isn’t this a bigger issue than dowry harassment where 90%+ of cases are filed frivolously, per the statistics compiled by the parrot brained Ranjana Kumari’s organization, CSR?
    What the F#@#@# are you doing to highlight this?

    What about the corruption within the women’s commission?

    What about the Petrol Pump scam of Girija Vyas? The keeper of Indian harlots?

    What about the plight of over 1,30,000 women jailed under silly laws such as 498A, fostered and protected by the likes of you?
    Here are the NCRB statistics that illustrate the extent of this abuse:

    And read the writings of Madhu Purnima Kishwar:
    May her writings illumine your pathetic little head !

    Learn to live an honest life. Preaching and peddling pussy politics, under the garb of fighting for social causes doesn’t qualify.

    The Sentinel

  4. Sunil Says:

    PN Benjamin –
    Why dont you address the issues raised by the author? Particularly, your pathetic attempt at converting every woman’s issue in present india into one of Dowry Harasssment – needs a response from you. Also, we would like a response from you on the laws that treat persons guilty as accused. Is not presumption of guilt against the grain of any civilized society? The author is right in calling you and all your ilk – charlatans.

  5. prassoon Says:

    If someone is offering money these kinda BENJAMINs will lick where ever they are asked to. Or otherwise they are retarded; dont understand what is going on in the real world!!!

  6. FriendOfMen Says:

    Dear P N Benjamin

    May you be and all males in your family be married to bridezillas. and may you
    all face 498a cases in courts spread across four corner of India.

    And may your privates be bobbitted and served in a soup to your dog
    who will from then on chase you and your scent with malicious intent
    and canine hunger


  7. P.N.BENJAMIN Says:



  8. Kris Says:
    The family of Besu employee Hiren Sarkar, 38, who hanged himself in his Shibpur flat on Tuesday night, alleged that his wife’s “false complaint” had forced him to take his life. Sarkar, a clerk, was booked under Section 498A on June 6 following a torture complaint by wife Mohua.

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