Protest Letter to The Minister For Women and Child Development, Ms Renuka Chowdhury



Ms Renuka Chowdhury
Minister of State
Ministry of Women & Child Development
Shastri Bhawan
New Delhi

Respected Minister Ms Renuka Chowdhary, 

We, on behalf of Save Indian Family Foundation write to you to expeditiously amend the lopsided PWDVA which was passed under tremendous pressure from a small minority of vocal and radical feminist elements of our country.

PWDVA was not passed by our legislature with due consideration for human rights, prevention of abuse and protection of genuine victims of domestic abuse. SIFF is not opposed to such a legislation that truly protects partners in a domestic relationship from abuse by the other partner. What we strenuously oppose is, the ample scope provided in the PWDVA legislation for the abusers of legal processes for personal gain, thereby unleashing “legal terrorism” upon innocent citizens.

We would like to point out that this legislation which affects crores and crores of population across length and breadth of our vast country, was passed after consultations with only a handful of pressure groups who are well funded from the public and charity monies; and those who are well connected with the upper echelons of power. These people who staunchly oppose bringing back sanity into the legislation are not in any way connected to the realities faced by the common men and women of our complex society. For them, their self-serving radical ideologies are far more important than the devastations that would be visited upon common folk with the passage and implementation of “poorly drafted” laws.

Time and again, we hear the argument that patriarchal males are opposed to this law. Nothing can be farther from the truth. It is the patriarchal males that are perhaps the most vocal supporters. It is the patriarchal males that think all women, except in their own household, are victims of male aggression. It is the patriarchal males that are the root cause of the immense sufferings undergone by the vast majority of the population when “legal terrorism” is unleashed by the unscrupulous elements. This is more than evident if you care to observe any legal proceedings in marital disputes in our judicial system.

Save Indian Family Foundation is, by no stretch of imagination, a male dominated patriarchal institution. We oppose patriarchy in all its forms. We oppose the evil perpetrated by the patriarchy on the common man. On the other hand, Save Indian Family Foundation represents those that are victims of patriarchy and the lopsided women protection laws that are often blatantly misused.

In the last four years, more than 95000 innocent women were arrested under the most abused legal provision ipc 498a. SIFF is the only institution that speaks for these forgotten women. SIFF speaks for the women whose sons’ and brothers’ lives are ruined by the most abused provisions of women protection laws. SIFF speaks for the elders in their twilight years, hauled into the police custody and court cases for no apparent violation of any law. SIFF speaks for those elders who have spent a life time living a prudent life, who wish to live out the rest of their advanced years in a little house they built for themselves with their own earnings and who stand to be dispossessed based on the legislative abomination called PWDVA that your ministry has promoted. SIFF speaks for minor children who are rendered fatherless at tender age when the patriarchal male dominated judicial system denies these tender souls the right to enjoy the company of both their biological parents. SIFF speaks for the scores of minor children forced into police stations based on blatant lies uttered by disgruntled women and their unscrupulous lawyers.

SIFF speaks for all these disenfranchised voices. We would also like to remind you – these disenfranchised voices will only multiply in numbers as you yield to the pressure tactics of the vocal minority represented by the radical feminist outfits. These outfits DO NOT represent anyone in our country, much less the victimised women.

We frequently hear of the bloated statistics being used as a justification for passing laws that are fraught with loopholes and prone to misuse. Please do not read these statistics in isolation. Not all suicides or deaths of married women are due to dowry harassment. Whenever, the radical feminists quote a statistic concerning crimes against women, please go ahead and look at the percentage of that in the total crime picture. Women in India are a lot safer compared to many parts of the world. Crime against women in India is less than crime against women in the USA. This, despite the fact that the crime numbers in India are skewed due to the large number of false cases filed and admitted by our corrupt law enforcement machinery.

The apex court of our country, the Supreme Court, has already declared that the PWDVA is a poorly drafted law. Many a legal luminary of our country, including Soli Sorabji, has pointed out serious deficiencies in this legislation. There is enough anecdotal evidence that lawyers are having a field day using this legislation, playing with the lives and livelihood of ordinary citizens. Batra vs Batra 2006 case is a great such example and where Supreme Court brought some sanity back into this poorly drafted legislation.

It is time, you and the rest of the political establishment realize that the most vocal and most radical feminist organizations of our country are but a small minority wielding disproportionate influence in the policy decisions of the government. They DO NOT speak for the women of India. It is the free flow of funds that is sustaining their existence. It is time you listen to the voices of the masses and to the voices of reason. It is time you show these radical organisations their place.

We strongly urge you to amend the “poorly drafted” PWDVA and restore a sense of sanity to all the women protection legislation. We, the mothers, the sisters, the brothers and the fathers, fully support protecting our sisters and our daughters. We, however, would strenuously oppose a small fringe minority of radical feminists running roughshod over principles of human rights, fair play and social harmony in the name of women protection legislation. We demand respect for human rights of all citizens.

Save Indian Family Foundation



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2 Responses to “Protest Letter to The Minister For Women and Child Development, Ms Renuka Chowdhury”

  1. Gokul Says:

    498a& Dowry Act(3,4):more than 22% arrested are women themselves – Wait and see the statistics(not yet available in NCRB) for women affected by DV Act(PWDVA)

    3,90,397 persons(of which 87,830(22.5%) were women themselves!!!) were arrested under Section 498A in 2004, 2005 & 2006 as per the data published by the National Crime Research Bureau(NCRB).
    So over 87,000 women also have been arrested without evidence or investigation in case of IPC 498a cases, in three years(2004 to 2006) so its not just a matter of Harrassed Men, its a clear case of Families in distress due to legal terrorism.

    Another point to note is that in IPC 498a and Dowry Deaths(304B) the percentage of women arrested are more than 22% of the total number of people arrested(compared to around 5% women in the total arrested in other crimes)

    Refer the statistics for 2004(, 2005( and 2006( .

  2. abhi Says:

    No help fighting this peacefully. The pussy organizations and the govt knows that middleclass salaried well to do people are victims and that’s the piece of pie everyone is for.

    The best way to fight this is simple. Instead of fighting a case and spending your life in it, simply pay a local goon to rape and murder the woman in the picture, and they pay bail for the rapist. That’s the only way to stop this stupid thing.

    Once 50 cases show up like this on TV in 2-3 weeks, Govt and Pussies will take notice and go back to their nests.

    BE A MAN and take the above action, of choose to plead and plead for ages and those already suffering will die without getting any justice.

    I pity for those who commit suicide in such cases. They are anyway leaving their family for nothing. I would kill the woman in that case than die myself and then we can see what happens. More deaths of women who are using 498A happening quickly will stop its misuse immediately, not by this pleading democratic business.

    Understand, India long ceased to be democratic. Those parents and their sons tried democracy in its virtues due to their education and free-mindedness, are facing this trouble now.

    Show me a single case where there is no middle class well to do family involved from boy’s side and you get the message. Most cases will have girls working at pitiable salary, or external affairs or foreign trip dreams.

    Kill the bitches in such cases and things will be back to family business.

    Lets accept it. The girls take care of all the superiors, collegues and everyone else involved in business, face scolding and bias when it comes their way at work, even cross the ethical barriers for promotions. All that is a part of their work and business. But one who takes so much pain for their work dont want to even sit for dinner with husband and in-laws is surprising.

    One noticable thing that no one is revelaing. Most of the girls who claim to be victims and take shelter in this law should be evaluated for their work performance, their social conduct and their aspirations.
    In 90% cases you will find similar aspects from the following profile –

    1. Underachiever in academic and work areas
    2. No drive or motivation to excel and learn new things or do things on their own well before marriage
    3. Own salary will be not sufficient to get by for their own, and have no respect in their own parents family, but will have big aspirations
    4. If not working, then even when they are alone in house (before or after marriage), they do not have much of a drive to do anything on their own
    5. They will not appreciate anyone readily as they are sulking so much in self-humiliation (well before and well after the marriage)
    6. Either depressed or will be having multiple physical issues
    7. Were not married at the right time and place by their parents

    Basically, such individuals cannot do anything better for their own and anyone else involved in their life. Not even after the divorce and maintenance they will get. But they have a false sense of taking advantage of someone as their victory, because indivuduals from above profiles have never achieved any victories or anything meaningful in their lives to be appreciated.

    I hope the pussy organizations take notice of this serious aspect of profiling of such women, because even after winning using 498A and destroying husband’s family, these women cannot do anything good in their own life.

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