Social Ostracism of 498a Women and Their Families

Section 498a of Indian Penal Code has become the consummate embodiment of gross human rights violation, blackmail, extortion and corruption. What makes this section particularly amenable to all of the above is that it assumes the accused to be guilty until proven innocent. “Guilty until proven innocent” may appear on the surface to be not such a big deal, but it is the root cause of the intense corruption surrounding this section.  Enough analysis has been done on the abuses perpetrated under this section. The final nail in the portrayal of this abuse was driven when the apex court of our country, the Supreme Court, termed the abuse of Sec 498a as “Legal Terrorism”. Now, Section 498a has become synonymous with the term Legal Terrorism.

However, not enough has been written about the perpetrators of this abuse and how civil society must deal with them. Although, you hear an occasional news article condemning the abuse, in most cases, the media has been selectively biased in reporting the truth about these abuses or the abusers. Journalistic ranks have been infiltrated by the radical feminist elements. They regurgitate the same platitudes, occasionally recycling the same old tired stories of victimhood of women in our society, to justify the continuance of such illegitimate legislation in our legal regime. Rarely do you see anyone questioning the motives or background of the abusers.

Now that we have enough number of cases in the public domain, can we use this evidence to draw some generic conclusions about these blackmailers? Who are these women who file 498a? What are their backgrounds? What is overarching truth about these abusers? How should the society deal with them? These are the questions that need some thinking and reflection. 

There are just two main classes into which most of these filers of 498a can be fitted into. 

  • Adultery/Incest Category
  • Extortion of money Category

 Adultery and Incest

 Anecdotally, behind most 498a cases is a story of adultery or incest.  In almost all cases, the instigator for filing a 498a case is a male member, who is in some way, related to the woman filing 498a. 

Surprisingly, in majority of the cases, the male happens to be the husband of the sister of the woman (ie. the brother-in-law). If one digs deeper, there is a story of brother-in-law abusing his position to entice the gullible sister-in-law into a destructive and dependent relationship. When the wife’s sister gets married, the intensely jealous brother-in-law refuses to let go of her, often instigating her to blow up small differences into major family problems. At the right time, he connives with the rest of the family and instigates them to file a false 498a case, thus breaking her marriage and destroying the future of everyone concerned. In some extreme cases, the brother-in-law even fathered an illegitimate child. When the paternity fraud was discovered, they took shelter in a false 498a.

In yet other cases, as outrageous as it is, it is the brother, the father or a cousin that has incestuous relationship with the girl, who instigates the filing of 498a. The remaining cases involve an ex-boyfriend re-entering her life, resulting in adulterous rendezvous that invariably become exposed. When the adultery is exposed, 498a offers the only shield that can be wielded against her hapless husband at the tax-payers expense.

Extortion of money

 Under this category, the women filing 498a are those who were never interested in matrimony. For these women, 498a is the get-rich-quick scheme of choice. They actively scout around in the matrimonial sites for their next bakra, preferably an NRI, induce him into matrimony and file a 498a within a few months of marriage. There are recorded cases of women repeating this trick three to four times and becoming instant millionaires in the process, finally marrying their boy friends and living happily ever after, while their hapless husbands continue fighting the corrupt criminal justice system of India.

Social Ostracism

So what can be done by the civil society to deal with these criminal families? Social Ostracism is the answer. 

498a legislation is essentially illegitimate and anti-social. However, the Government which is controlled by the radical feminist elements refuses to acknowledge the abuse of the system in the face of mountains of supporting evidence. Most media in India is corrupt and shows little regard for the societal suffering or injustice. Judiciary and police are either brainwashed or conditioned by means of tax-payer funded sensitization programs to wear blinkers that ignore the evil perpetrated by the feminine gender. All the so called “equality demanding feminists” refuse to acknowledge that equality implies women are as capable of evil as are men. If a man can commit murder, so can a woman and many women do. If a man can lie, so can a woman and many women do.

It was heartening to note in the recent Pooja Chauhan episode, where a deranged prostitute who filed a false 498a against her in-laws and paraded her naked body on the streets demanding arrest of her in-laws, the community elders rose to the defense of the accused. This should provide the model for combating the menace of 498a in every corner of India.

In every case of marital breakdown, the first question the society should ask is – has the woman’s family filed a 498a case? If the answer is yes, then close attention to that woman and her family must be paid by all the responsible members of the society. Sooner or later, the full story of incest, adultery or blackmail would become evident and then become public knowledge.


Next time, you find an alliance of a divorced woman, find out from whatever records you find, if the woman filed a 498a case. Let everyone at work, family and neighborhood know the truth about the filers of 498a cases. Time will not be far off when 498a becomes not only synonymous with Legal Terrorism, but also with Adultery, Incest and Blackmail.


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11 Responses to “Social Ostracism of 498a Women and Their Families”

  1. Sam Says:

    Well written. We must expose these blackmailers. Everybody in the neighborhood should point fingers at them and say “Look – that is a 498a family. Only God knows what incest or adultery is going on inside”

  2. readviru Says:

    Very nicely written and wonderful analysis. All aspects covered beautifully.

  3. John Says:

    498a women are worse than prostitutes and whores!

    These blackmailers and the system that supports them are the scum of the country!!
    May all of them rot in hell!!!

  4. Akbar Says:

    498A is a man made law. That is the reason it is not justice oriented. It is grossly biased and presumptive in fixing the blame on the Male(Groom) and his family rather than truthfully investigate the case and resolve appropriately. On the other hand the God given law in Quran gives equal opportunity for the couple to live together in peace and counsel them. Yet if they are unable to live together, then seperate amicably without even abusing eachother. Also, there is no dowry in Islam, so question does not arise about dowry related draconian law like 498A. On the contrary the guy has to pay “Maher(dowry)” to the girl to get married. So that the girl does not feel cheated, should the marriage break. This gives ample cushoin to the girl against the boy should be act inhumanly while living with her. It alsoprovides safe and peaceful exit to the boy incase he deicdes to seperate from her. She also can take “Khula” if she deicdes to seperate from him peacefully. Isint’ that bueatiful, but alas only few muslims follow it! Lot of them take dowry and lot of women file false 498A. God save humanity, as if the struggle to earn bread itself was not enough, that this draconian law has been enacted to send grooms to gallows in the prime of their lives along with old parents. I want to know what if daughter-on-law of renuka chowdary files a 498A and then we watch how she reacts?

  5. 498a Says:

    Yes all bachelors and people who are opting for arranged marraige , make sure you are not getting a 498a wife / daughter in law.


    Dear sir
    My self Krishna Mohan Singh. I am from kolkata.please look it. It’s all my opinion. After fall in act 498a


    Some of the problems with the section 498A of IPC are as under:

    1. It rewards frauds and cheats for using the law.

    2. It makes the accuser the prosecutor, the judge
    and the jury all rolled into one.

    3. It makes all the families subject to destruction
    on the whims and fancies of criminals
    (girl and her families who want to get rich).

    4. It has no safeguards for the innocent.

    5. It facilitates elder and child abuse by the
    accusers without any fear of punishment.

    6. It lays down no automatic punishments for the
    scrupulous accuser(s), even after it is
    proved that the accused persons were innocent
    and the complaints were fraudulent.

    7. It enables violation of the privacy, sanctity
    and the dignity of the innocent families, and
    throws the very existence of Indian families to
    the vultures in the police force, criminals in
    the society and at the mercy of the lawyers and
    the inefficiencies of the court system in India.

    8. It provides monetary inducements for corruption,
    falsehoods, revenge, blackmail and extortion;
    therefore an invitation to the increasing crimes
    in India.

    9. It is a monster and menace created by the
    law; and does not belong in any civilized and
    democratic society as it smells like fascism.
    Only fascist dictatorships and enemies of the
    society create laws that destroy the very society
    they claim to protect

    10. The guilty that make frivolous and scandalous
    complaints or start false prosecutions get off
    Scott free at the cost and expense of the public

    Billions of beings suffer one or the other catastrophe, some much harsher than what happened to us, but with much more dignity and grace.

    Maybe, we need to probe this ‘stickiness’ of the mind.
    Maybe, we need to learn to let go and be free (as says the Buddha).
    Maybe, we need to learn to be compassionate, pray for the well-being of the aggressors.
    Business of Marriage
    Gone are the days when marriage ceremonies were filled with joyous sentiments and a warm welcome to a whole new life of learning, happiness, understanding and salvation. Parents were rejoicing to see their son/daughter getting married and starting a new journey of life, a journey where they will get to experience ups and downs, and more importantly, they will one day become parents. Son/daughter will be taught to tackle daily family problems with understanding and adjustment.

    Now, in the 21st century, the desire for detached freedom has become so acute and pierce that people began to find the traditional way of living a married life as ridiculous and oppressive. Now marriage is all about flashy decoration, swanking outfits, pricy jewelry and flamboyant ceremonies. The marriage expenses quite obviously sky-rockets. Both the parties are competing for the fame of getting their son/daughter married in the most lavish way. Elaborate entertaining jests are organized to keep the guest spellbound by the immensity of the marriage. But the intoxication of celebrating the marriage ceremony doesn’t even last for a week. Married couple will return back to their mundane life and will occasionally visit the moments of marriage watching the videos/photo albums.

    Only when the man realizes that now he can start saving money for the education of his children, his wife will pull out her much deliberated lists of demands. She will demand her in-laws to live separately. She will demand equal rights in the in-law’s ancestral property. She will demand the transfer of title of the house to her name. The husband, being gullible and God-fearing will not see any harm in approving most of her demands. He would, however, respectfully explain to her that he cannot ask his parents to live elsewhere. She will complain to her parents of being harassed by him and he will soon be reprimanded for treated her like this. He submissively tries to mitigate the situation by apologizing. After all, if the marriage breaks apart, the society will accuse him only irrespective of whose fault it is.

    After regular blackmailing, she will complain to the police of dowry harassment and domestic violence. The police, like scavengers, will immediately arrest him and his parents. The cops are also helpful to them explaining the unofficial mechanism if they want to escape imprisonment. They will be asked to cough up mind-blowing monetary compensation as demanded by the accuser. Who would want to get entangled in our notorious legal system especially one who is accused by a woman? They reluctantly give away huge chunk of their ancestral property to the woman to settle the case. The woman is happy to earn so much money that it is only a dream of people to earn it in such a short span of time. She walks away with fortune and a tag of being a victim of domestic violence, and the husband walks away bankrupt and a tag of being a culprit who wrongly got acquitted.

    It is all about money. As soon as the husband tries to re-collect his composure, he then gets slapped by the court orders commanding him to provide maintenance to his wife. Now he is slogging day and night to earn to make ends meet and a portion of his earning is going into the hands of a woman who legally destroyed him. The woman is thankful to such laws in place and also flaunts her assertiveness to her friends and relatives for fighting for her so-called rights.

    Woman’s rights are all about a man’s liability. More and more women are happy to increase men’s liability calling it as their rights. Women have proved that women’s liberation is all about strangulating men’s rights. What started off as a beginning of a new life of happiness for the husband abruptly ends by becoming bankrupt, defamed, and humiliated. And for the woman, it has always been about money before marriage, after marriage and after divorce. There is no stigma on the woman for filing a false harassment case on her husband and in-laws and blackmailing them for money. What is more disturbing is that people continue to believe that women are always the victims. And to make sure that women continue to make a business out of the marriage, women groups work hard to propose women protective laws, gender sensitivity, legal leniency toward women, uplifting women’s status and defaming men as born oppressors.

    In the business of marriage, men are not more than money-making machines and women are no less than legal extortionists.

    Men will fight back
    It was a quiet morning. The dawn was tranquil; birds were cheerfully chirping and welcoming a new day of learning. But there was also an eerie blanket of anxiety permeating the whole city landscape. It was the day after Sunday, but there was an unusually quiet street and unpopulated. After a while, a roaring sound became audible for miles. It was the sound of the biggest demonstration of the country after independence. There were only men. Men, with large banners, were marching uniformly through the main streets of the city. People immediately came out to their balcony to see the source of the roar.

    They saw an ocean of men, holding different sizes of banners and shouting slogans. Media cameramen were swinging from all directions to capture the vehemence of this agitation. Cops were unusually less in numbers to control the fury. The crowd was going havoc; however, there was no damage to anybody’s property. The crowd was furious yet composed. There were more men joining forces from various cross streets. People were coming out of their apartments to join them. There were three trucks following the crowd carrying drinking water, food and other necessities.

    Some people first saw it in the live television and soon they saw the crowd marching through their own streets. It was a nation-wide demonstration. Reports were broadcasted that the agitation is in all the major cities the country. Military assistance was called to control the crowd. Surprisingly, some of the military officers were indirectly encouraging the crowd to continue their protest. This news was broadcasted even in foreign news channels. It was the day like no other day.

    Politicians were compelled to ask their demands. The demands were:
    1) Amend IPC 498A (anti-dowry law)
    2) Abolish domestic violence Bill or protect men too under the bill.
    3) Abolish extra tax concession to women
    4) Ban feminism
    5) Shut down women organizations that are anti-males.
    6) Ban male-bashing advertisements
    7) Sensitize police force and legal system toward men
    8) Ban women empowerment
    9) Promote realistic gender equality
    10) Punish media for sensationalizing women issues and ignoring men
    11) Lift the obligation of alimony and maintenance off men’s shoulder
    12) Not a single innocent man be punished

    Hearing these demands, politicians were convinced that they can never ever fulfill their demands. Women were, as usual, chuckling within themselves after hearing these demands. Men decided to stand their ground. Banks, companies, civil services like buses and railways were disrupted. Politicians then ordered a strict military action against the crowd. But the military officials were not willing to take action against the crowd because they knew that the purpose of this agitation is justified.

    Politicians threatened to sack military and police officers. Women were least bothered because they knew that the Government will never approve these demands. The whole country was virtually paralyzed when the agitation continued for a week. People were determined. For them it was ‘do or die’. They had enough and can’t tolerate any more injustice in the name of women empowerment and women protection laws.

    The Government, after much deliberation, decided to approve their demands. Women groups got angry. After much heated altercations, men were victorious.

    Probably, this is the only last resort left with men in order to stop women’s legal atrocities. They had enough and now they will fight for their rights. For those who are not aware or don’t want to open their eyes will look at this with laughter, but those who are victims and also helpless will hope the day comes very soon. Sooner or later, men will be forced to take drastic steps if women were to continue harassing them. It is too much.

    My husband has gone out of town for office work for two days. Meet me at the supermarket entrance” said Geeta. Jay replied, “Okay, I will wait for you there.”

    Neetu said, “Tomorrow my kids are going for a school picnic. There will be nobody in my house the whole day. Come home at 10 o’clock in the morning after my husband leaves to office.” Feroz replied, “Okay, I will be there.”

    Reshma said, “I have told my husband that I have to work overtime at office. You book a room in a hotel for the evening.” Ajay replied, “Okay, I will also bring protection.”

    What is common in the above conversations?
    Women are fixing up a date with their boyfriend hiding from their husband and family.

    One out of four women is unfaithful to their husband. Unfaithful meaning the husband does not know that their wife is sleeping around with other men. That means, one of our hour husbands does not know that their wife is sleeping around with other men.

    Magazines are filled with such articles on extramarital affairs of women and they pompously praise the ways of the modern women to satisfy their sexual desires and also not let the marriage break apart. This is the new age modern women. They are in the marriage but they will not hesitate to experiment sexual indulgence with outsiders. They can behave lovey-dovey with their husband but still sleep around with other men.

    If a man seeks out sexual partner outside marriage, he can be legally punished for adultery. He can’t even go to some prostitute. Women groups have done everything to torture men by proposing a protective law for prostitutes wherein the man visiting the prostitute shall be punished legally with 3 years imprisonment.

    What will a man do then? He can’t satisfy his sexual desires.

    If he tries to satisfy himself with his wife, his wife will accuse him of marital rape. Marital rape!!! Is husband loving her wife called marital rape???

    If he doesn’t satisfy, he can still be accused of cruelty on his wife for not satisfying her sexual needs. A man is not always in a mood especially during stressful day at work. But, the wife will treat this as cruelty on her and can even legally accuse him and get him arrested.

    If he goes outside to a prostitute, he will still be legally prosecuted for cruelty on a woman. What are prostitutes for then???

    In every possible ways, men are punished.

    Women want sex whenever they want it, how they want it and the way they want it. And women groups have taken care of their sexual needs by enacting laws.

    Laws to allow women to have sex freely!!!!!

    Is this gender equality???

    This is women empowerment. Empowering women to such an extent that women can legally punish any man for not fulfilling her wishes, and the wishes could be anything.

    Isn’t this a gross violation of human rights of men???

    Magazines and women groups are continuing to praise the ways of the modern women and criminalizing male-gender.

    Even if you know that your wife is having a sexual affair with somebody, the adultery law has been so composed that you will be arrested for abetting your wife to commit adultery.

    In every imaginable ways, men are legally punishable and women have been given all the laws to accuse any man with anything. Is this gender equality????

    Its very strange thing when the apex court (as per your site) has considered the Dowry law & Misuse of 498a “Legal Terrorism”.Then why don’t executive & Legislative bring Laws and ammendments to rectify this? ,No doubt the upliftment of women is required. But is this necessary to get it by sacrificing the innocents?.There are lot of thing which needs to be required
    1 498a needs to be bailable and there must be magisterial enquiry
    2There must be severe punishments on other side if one files false case as it not only damages the reputation of individual. But it causes social stigma on individual also and other party needs to compensate it
    3-Old persons, sick persons, Women & children should get immunity from this act.
    4-Inlaws should not be come with in the perview.
    5-Arrests needs to made made only after proper investigations and its should not violates the natural principle of justice
    6-There should be definately punishment for individuals(including lawyers)who instigate women to file friviolous complaint with malign intention against innocents
    7-There needs to be inclusion of 498b for men
    8-Laws need not to biased against men and it should not violate the Article 14 of our constitution. So there needs to be provision for punishment against women too who files frivolous & fictitious complaints


    dear sir,
    my self krishna mohan singh .i am from kolkata.sir i did arrange marriage from hindu act in father in law is very bad person.he charged 498 a,323,and 123 case against me.these case is totaly false wife ,her sister and her mother all are give clearing and statement in from of cgm of chapra.but still the case is open .the cgm judge says that if her father want to fight then the case is never the court i can not get any responce of the statement of my wife and my mother in law.actually my father in law want money.and he demand 7 lacks for finished the case is still in process.
    sir what ever i know that 498a and 323 is a case between hausband and wife.then how can my fatherin law used this case againsed wife is with me.sir please show me the way what i do.actually my fatherin law is very rich and clever oerson.and he make a new funda for income money.
    he also did case against his 2nd daughter.taht case was closed.his daughter was won the case.his wife is also charged 498a ,323 against my fatherin law.that case is also fatherin law character was very bad.
    all the case are totaly false because if my wife is with me then how can he claimed 498a&323.also he give statment to cgm that i kidnap my own wife and i muddered my own chield.i can proof by my wife test that she born only two chield and both are live.
    i want to know that please do some change in 498a because naw a days 498a is the best way to income money.most of them make it a way for income.please make some rule for those who miss use this law.please tell me sir now what i do where i statement is totaly true.i can proof that anywhere.
    please give me the way as soon as possible.
    thanking you
    name-krishna mohan singh
    address-b-47,rabindra nagar
    mobile no-919330971775

  8. aditya Says:

    f$*& a woman once and she will love u forever(paramour). Lova a woman once and she will f$*& u forever(husband).

  9. aditya Says:

    498a females ultimately end up screwing their own lives. All their paramours disappear after the FIR i am sure. After all the woman living with her husband in the husbands home was the safest place for them for their secret sex games. Check out the character of her mother and u will know that it has come thru the genes. If the father seems decent , be sure that he is not the biological father, but sure he doesnt know it.

  10. Social Ostracism of 498a Women and Their Families « A viction of misuse of section 498a of Indian Penal Code (IPC) Says:

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  11. Abhijit Sarkar Says:

    These Girls are to be hanged till death. I am also charged with the same case for nothing after Love marriage. And my Mother in Law is just a whore wearinh rich jewellery to prove decency in society.

    I had a 6 months matrimonial life, they are just beggars and want to live out of my money, and my wife is just the bloody whore who has the knack of a d*** and nothing else in life.

    I feel not to go to court now, but to damn her on road .

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