Ranjana Kumari’s Malicious Propaganda

Men Cry for Equality

Aug 26 is women’s equality day. On that day, Save Indian Family Foundation is organizing all India protest against gross injustices faced by women, men and families due to the crass gender politics promoted by euphemistically named Femnazi entities like Center for Social Research and tax-payer funded social perversions like NCW.

Ranjana Kumari, the director of Center for Social Research, sensing that the tide is turning slowly but steadily against their malicious agendas, lost no time in branding the protest a “malicious propaganda”.

Is it? Who are these people organizing the protest? Are they funded by the tax-payer monies or are they embezzling the charity monies in the name of social research? Who are they? What are they asking for?

They are the victims of malicious prosecution; a malicious prosecution promoted in the name of preventing dowry harassment. These are the people who are the best and brightest young men of our country, graduating from premier institutions, working in the most economically crucial fields for our country’s advancement.  These are the people wasting their productive years in fruitless litigation and government funded blackmail at the hands of their unscrupulous wives and corrupt law enforcement machinery.  These are the people whose aged parents, grand parents and pregnant sisters were hauled into police custody on Friday evenings, so they spend a minimum of two days (often times many more days) imprisonment for no apparent violation of any law.  These are the people who are victims of a terror regime unleashed and supported by Feminazis like Ranjana Kumari. All they are asking for is, to remove the scope for misuse of these gender biased laws.

Let us look at her reasoning – “Section 498A is the only provision under the dowry law that allows a woman to save her life. Other sections come into force after the woman is killed.”

Can she please explain how incarcerating, without investigation, dozens of people named in FIR, prevent dowry deaths? If the woman’s life is in such a danger, is it not much more efficient to remove her from the danger and place her in a safer location? Why don’t NGO’s like hers or hundreds of others screaming dowry harassment, provide for such shelters; and then let the law-enforcement agencies investigate her claims?

No, they are not interested in the real victims. All they want is, the ipc 498a to be available in the hands of unscrupulous women as a weapon of blackmail. They want the threat of police custody to be used as bargaining lever to extract maximum ransom from the husband and his family. They don’t care about the social ramifications of laws that treat persons guilty as accused. For them, the feminist self-serving ideologies are far more sacred than social good.

Coming to the question of dowry harassment and ipc 498a- what is really happening? Of all the hundreds of thousands of the cases filed, many cases are thrown out. Most result in acquittal. In some cases, unable to withstand the harassment from the corrupt state machinery, families give in to the blackmail and pay the ransom. The remaining bulk of the cases languish in the courts as Damocles’ swords hanging on the heads of the accused families.  Many individuals and families have ended their lives unable to bear the shame and harassment of the false cases against them filed by their unscrupulous daughters-in-law. And then, many a young woman, swayed by the false propaganda, filed the false 498a case, broke her marriage, lost her credibility in the society and ended up leading a bitter and lonely life unable to turn the clock back. All these are facts well documented and well understood.

Except by the ostriches, like Ranjana Kumari. They deny any knowledge of the abuse of these legal provisions.  With their heads stuck in the sand, they believe that no one is watching.  They repeat the “D “ mantra ad-infinitum, hoping a lie repeated a million times, somehow becomes the truth. If pressed, they pull out of their hats their pet episodes – isolated, extreme cases from some corner of the country. They make a deliberate, visceral and emotional appeal – “what about her?” And then, pester the rest of the gullible population to believe that that was the overwhelming truth across the length and breadth of our country. And the ever complying media is ready to lend them a helping hand.

Sure Ranjana Kumari – we have more than half a billion men and half a billion women in our country.  What kind of story you want – we can pull up one for you.

Let us discuss what malicious propaganda really is.

Malicious propaganda is –

a)     Taking isolated extreme cases and purveying them as the mainstream life of our society

b)     Portraying all suicides of married women as dowry deaths

c)      Portraying all suicides of married men as due to financial problems

d)     Denying that abuse of ipc 498a, or violation of human rights is occurring on a large scale

e)      Asking for more stringent provisions in the existing draconian laws, citing no evidence but platitudes and lies

f)       Pushing for more gender biased legislation with ample scope for blackmail and extortion

g)     Adamantly opposing any changes in the out-dated laws to suit modern realities of our country

And the list can go on.

That is what Ranjana Kumari and her ilk, are engaged in.

Most informed readers can already see through the duplicity and the sheer malice in the multitudes of feminist inspired articles in the news media. The end of their “malicious propaganda” will occur when ordinary citizens can also see through the same.


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15 Responses to “Ranjana Kumari’s Malicious Propaganda”

  1. Vineet Ruia Says:

    Very well written.

  2. Suraj Yadav Says:

    Excellent ! A spade is a spade . To put this to practice needs a lot of conviction in today’s world of ugly feminism . This should enable people to see the hatred game being played out under words like justice and equality .
    Keep up the good work .

  3. B K Mishra Says:

    The women like Ranjan Kumari has no place in India and such lady is just availing the profit of soft corner of Indian democracy who allows such lady to advocate family dispute.

  4. Ram Balak Says:

    she is a militant and she must be “punished” for killing instituion of marriage in india and bringing injustice to women in particular.

    She does not consider mother and sisters as women.

    I have heard that feminsit are male-hater and bastard. But it seems that she hates women also.


    No one should fund her anti-family agenda.

  5. Perminder Singh Says:

    I completely agree. Laws based on gender and not on crime ruin the fabric of society. The most important thing the Justice system can do is put faith in people that they will get justice when they come to court. You can imagine the state of a man whose innocent sisters and mother are put in jail. When people do not get justice in court they take law in their own hands. No wonder crime just keeps increasing in India. If Ranjan Kumari is allowed to continue with her propaganda, there will be no civilized society left.

  6. Sam Says:

    One of the best articles on Feminist malicious propaganda. The D word has become an easy and effective tool to ram through their malicious agendas. Hope articles like these would expose the fraud widely.

  7. Rajesh Says:

    This is india.

    Congress party will never let india rest in peace.

    These scoundrels of congress party will divide and rule for ever.

    Where there is 98% of abuse of these laws as per records of criminal courts these morons still want them?

    To milk money. That is all. They have converted marriage into prostitution.


  8. USA Looking on in Dismay Says:

    Boy, if this is how terrified many Indian men are of this woman then she must be doing some good. When you stop treating women worse than you do your cows then maybe the rest of the world will take your complaints seriously. Finally, just because someone is a feminist doesn’t mean they hate men. But I believe that men who hate feminists actually hold women in small regard.

    • raj Says:

      To USA Looking ,

      I am living in USA too. What you see in USA media is nothing but false propaganda of far left media. Indian men don’t mistreat women. They even pray women goddesses while the mary magadame is considered as
      prX?$$ by west. The gender biased law is a country specific issue , idiot. In usa too domestic violence law is misused. Violence can be done by anyone , children,women,men,elders. Punish the doers of violance not just men.

    • Umesh Kumar ranga Says:

      when u aren’t aware of facts then please don’t advice. already india is enjoying a far better population than the U.S.A. for advice. Thanks for your precious moments that you wasted here. rest let us leave in peace.

  9. raj Says:

    3100 women suicide for dowry , 3300 women suicide for love affair failure, 38000 men sucide for FAMILY PROBLEMS… Please visit NCRB for more details.

  10. raj Says:

    3100 women suicide for dowry , 3300 women suicide for love affair failure, 38000 men sucide for FAMILY PROBLEMS… Please visit NCRB for more details.

    Can CSR and NCW stop love affair failure suicide?. What does “FAMILY PROBLEMS” mean for men?. Is there any statistics of how many men missing or taken refugee in ashrams because of wife’s torture?.

  11. An Immigrant in Canada from Mexico Says:

    Wow!…Interesting to see that modern feminism is penetrating Indian culture. One of the strongest oldest family-oriented cultures in the world. The target of today’s feminism is to destroy the family, period. Western civilization is in decadence, tainted in its root by modern feminism and other things as well. Many people here lost the idea of what family values are or what family commitment is long ago. The result is a society in decadence. For those of us who are aware, getting married and having children is a risky business. As a single man, marrying the modern western woman under these laws can very possibly be the worst mistake you ever make in your life. Marriage here is a joke. Today, more and more men are deciding to stay single or to expatriate to other country as is my case in the near future.

  12. Pravin Says:

    Feminists like Ranjana kumari should be punished for the damage that she has created in Indian marriage. She has curses of many Indian men and their parents. Hope one days she also faces 498A

  13. An Individualist NOT Femenist Says:

    Gender biased laws ???
    People calling the law “Gender biased”, I would really like to know what exactly you know regarding the Gender issues our society is dealing with ?
    Especially, a poverty driven and unequally distributed economic state like India where the existing Gender norms are playing a vital role in deteriorating the pace of Socio-economic development.
    Would be highly obliged to suggest you some Gender Training sessions, because women empowerment is not only the need of hour but sensitizing men also matters.

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